BGA rework station

Did you know that the majority of laptop motherboard chipset errors or re-replacement with ball can be improved?

BGA rework station (soldering station) distribution

Laptops are generally much higher heat loads are exposed such as desktop PCs. BGA rework station  In use, the move often deformed, all of these errors occur due to contact on the motherboard, which means soldering jaíthatók.

The occurrence of major errors in contact

  •     Chips in the nucleus (BGA replacement repair) BGA rework station
  •     Motherboard components during soldering (Chip BGA) (BGA ball again with repair)
  •     In rare cases, cause disruption of the inter-layer metallization. (Time demanding some of them can be improved, but you need to know what kind of errors you should spend time, and which types)
  •     Typical fault contact on the memory module sockets ...
  •     More ...

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Hello  Service! & BGA rework station The problem is the following. The MSI L730-007 HU-type laptop suddenly turned off and now will not start. Times I took him into the water, but they said that it has no base. They tried but failed to improve them. Reached the point that now the machine turns on, but nothing in place, nothing can start. And now stood in the sciences. Nearly a year to get ahead. He advised me give away £ 25,000-over parts, but I want to fix up and use. Is this possible?

Greetings, Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1705 laptop repair defective type of motherboard I would like to request a quote, the machine probably Northbridge loose ball again, or forward navigation igényel.Köszönöm isMaradok tisztelettelM.A BGA rework station ????

The machine is turned on after the boot process does not start, motherboard failed. The requested repair service that is not economically repairable. The cost of the repair service that offers postage would be £ 82,000. (The price includes VAT) Greetings!

I have a Acer 5720ZG, 2 years old laptop on which VGA errors have been detected (ec-co ltd was conducted). BGA rework station ask how those visitors to improve at a reasonable cost, and do you make sense - (the ec-co 26eftért wanted to solder), or in some way You can determine whether your video card manufacturer's fault? thanks for the reply

The power supply is good, the machine does not boot, HDD, FAN does not spin up, operating and charging LEDs are illuminated. Components are operative, CPU, RAM, etc.. tested their conclusion: MB power supply line failure The motherboard put it to you would take if the peripherals required to undertake fault finding and repairs.

After switching on, no picture is likely to go to the machine base error in the said workshop. Motherboard replacement suggested that it would be 80-90ezer! The laptop is booted up then it seems flawless, but the usb from the computer freezes when copying files, sometimes Internet on the go.

Welcome board service, can you help? I have a T42 laptop. The onboard sound card and the LAN seems to work between the devices at boot time error for is Sounds right speakers, winamp equalizere shows that \ 'plays MP3s, but no sound output, no speaker, but under linux the initial entry pure-tone buttons, on-board-erősíthetően némíthatóan heard, I have xp on it, but there is nothing after loading the drivers. linux did not play sounds ... The LAN is not only communicates, but self-addressed and find out and also indicates the own machine ipcímét ping away, but in a different direction does not communicate in vain fuck your stekkert. Sometimes after shutdown wait a minute, and off to plug in power to re-start, but then goes normally. I find it difficult to establish, but can be that the power went out around the warming due to the output of the onboard peripherals. The fan is spinning sometimes a little louder than I should think from the beginning.